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Whether times are good or bad, babies are still being born. A dry bottom may not seem like a lot, but when you are a single mom with a newborn infant and no money, a fresh diaper makes all the difference in the world. Fifty dollars allows us to buy diapers and launder gently used baby clothes so they are fresh and sweet for their newest owner.

As the oldest and most respected child advocacy in Mendocino County, MCCF partners with over 75 organizations to serve our coastal community children ages 0-18.

We are  your  grassroots responders to local community disasters. In this capacity, we work with city, county, regional and federal agencies, elected officials, charities, service clubs, foundations and you, our beloved part-time and full-time community members.

Health, housing, and income inequity are  unprecedented challenges and we are working seven days a week solving problems and seeding hope.

MCCF is funded by folks like yourselves. We are the coast's only non-profit directly serving families from ridge to ridge and bridge to bridge, from Rockport to Gualala and inland to rural Comptche.

Children live in families and our mission is to provide support in respectful yet accountable ways. Most of our hard-working parents and elders are having an extremely hard time right now.

You can help with essentials, necessities and joy: diapers, gas cards, sleeping bags, holiday toys and winter clothing by donating right here, right now. Help us say yes!

Doing more with less

One dollar, $3, $5, $10, $50, or $100 a month can make a huge difference in a child’s life. All donations are gratefully accepted.
We can send you a donation envelope, so that you can donate by mail. Please use our Contact page to let us know how many donation envelopes you would like, and the mailing address to which we should send them.

More Ways to Help

Small donations given on a regular basis make a big difference for a child.You can donate monthly through PayPal.

Let your friends and family know we need their help. Share our website and news with people!

Face to face or on Facebook, follow us and share our story with friends, family and neighbors.

Make a difference today that will matter for a child, for a family, far into the future.